Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Nevada on VMWare

It's really exciting to see OpenSolaris build 46 ie Nevada running smoothly on my laptop inside a VMWare workstation environment. I have dedicated 8GB and 512Mb RAM to its running instance and hopefully it will suffice. The main idea here is to keep up to speed with the new features being constantly integrated into Nevada while still doing my routine job. It was so much more fun while doing all this on the 7th floor of Divyasree chambers (Sun Microsystems IEC Bangalore)

Anyways the setup procedure in VMWare turned out to be pretty straightforward. The only hiccup was when selecting the disk for the installation. You actually need to uncheck and recheck the box again and only then things go on smoothly.

I have used VMWare a couple of times before and it seems to work alright most of the times. However there is a new kid on the block called Parallels and there were these rave reviews about it some time ago. Hope I can check that out sometime soon too.

For VMWare there is this wonderful set of slides on how to go about doing this right here. So there is no reason not to be running OpenSolaris even if you can't dedicate a complete box for it. Get onto the train now!

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