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Stack Overflows in SPARC

Causing and Thereby Avoiding Sparc stack overflows

Have been hitting my head against the screen to get an
understanding of the overflow problem on a sparc machine.
Ran into some pretty good examples but it took me some
time to get a good grip on the way to do this.

for the 32bit version of things
sample program from

call x();
call y();
int a[1];

now why would this corrupt the stack and

which stack and
what part of the stack?

Let me try to answer these questions the best I can

main() save %sp,... %fp=%sp
call x(); call x %o7=pc
x() save %sp,... %fp=%sp
call y(); call y %o7=pc
y() save %sp,... %fp=%sp
int a[1];

definition int a[1];
What makes this offset 20 special?
Look at the .s file it should show you an offset of the a[] array
in mine it was showing these two lines for a[20]=0

add %fp,-20,%l0
st %g0,[%l0+80]

Thus it shows that a is pointing to fp-20


fp of x() ----------------------
fr_argx[1] _____________________________
fr_argd[6] |nothing else coz there are no|
fr_stret |local variables etc in x() |
frame.h fr_savpc -----------------------------
from fr_savfp this is the registerw of main()
fp of y() ----------------------
fp-20 a <---array a
register window of x
is saved here
current sp ----------------------


so at fp you have fr_local %l0-%l7
at fp+8 you have fr_arg %i0-i5
at fp+14 you have fr_savfp %i6
at fp+15 you have fr_savpc %i7 <-----return addr

so the return address offset from a[] is
= +(20B+(15*4B))
= +60B
= +(20*4B)

so offset a[20] messes up the i7 for main and thereby the fault

now for the 64bit version of things
definition long a[1];
the assembly code shows

or %g0,1,%l3
add %fp,1991,%l1
stx %l3,[%l1+176]

so the array a is at fp+1991. Note the v9 arch specifies a 0x7ff stack bias
so this is within the stack even though you are adding to fp.

So where exactly is %o7 ?
Well 2047-1995 = 52B from the fp

fp+2047 -------------------

fp+1995 a

fp -------------------

the return address offset from a[] is

= +(52B+(15*8B))
= +172B
= +(22*8B)

so offset a[22] should corrupt i7 for main and cause a fault

So here we have managed to overwrite the %i7 register which stores
the return address. We have corrupted the stack of the x() function
so it cannot return correctly.

Sidenote: save instruction
Notice that most of the save instructions put in 96 bytes for the
stack. Why is that?

current sp ---------------------------------
%i0-%i7 and %l0-%l7

(input and local vars)

sp+64 --------------------------------- <- why 64? *A
hidden parameter

(store first 6 params just in
case the params are passed by
addr and not by value)
sp+92 ---------------------------------
padding to be aligned
sp+96 --------------------------------- <- why pad? *B

*A - why 64? - 8*2 registers = 8*2*(8bytes ie 4 locations) = 64
*B - why pad> - this is SPARC land
refer this link
thats all!

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